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STEP 1: Your Property

Tell us details about your property. Remember it doesn’t matter what state your property is in.

STEP 2: Presentation

We will visit your property and make a guaranteed rent offer, based on your needs and fair market value.

STEP 3: Guaranteed Rent

We provide all the paperwork, needed to begin your journey to guaranteed rent and a completely hassle free service.

Rent Your Property Immediately

Sadly being a landlord is not always what the papers make it out to be.

Both new and experienced landlords, tell us they have them same feeling when their phone rings and the caller ID has their tenants name shows on the phone.

Or the feeling when you check your bank statement the day after the rent should of been paid, whether its a new law, threatening to fine landlords for unknowingly letting to an illegal immigrant, or complex licensing, or the boilers gone again.

Portlands Property Management, offer a complete hands of approach to letting your property, with our complete rent guaranteed service, so you can focus on whatever you want, in the complete assured knowledge that you rent is guaranteed to be paid, on time and without fail.

In addition to the our rent guarantee service we have offer other services for landlords.


Property Management and Residential Lettings

Guaranteed Rent

Complete property management service, covering all costs.

Property Management

Rent collection, finding a tenant and inventory service.

Find a Tenant

We will advertise, conduct viewings and find you a tenant.


We will advertise your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and top websites.

Rent your property without further delay. We have solutions that can save you time and guarantee to give the peace of regular payments without the stress


Your Route to Quality Property Services

Get a Guaranteed Offer Today

If you are ready to start making money from your property, fill in your information. Our advertise only service starts from just £99 and we will advertise your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and other top property websites.

Our guaranteed rent, gives you guaranteed rent from the sameday for a period of 1 to 5 years, regardless what condition your property is in.

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  • info@portlandspm.com

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